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Do I need the vaccine to holiday abroad?

Posted by Paul Higgins23/01/2021

With the UKs vaccination program underway, we hear lots of people asking the question “can I travel this summer if I’ve had the COVID vaccine?”

Well, if this is the future policy, it could leave us without the need for travel corridors or quarantine rules.

If the vaccine is proven to stop those who have COVID from spreading coronavirus, it seems more than likely countries will ultimately make it mandatory for you to have the jab to enter.

It’s also looking likely some airlines may only allow passengers to fly to those who have had the vaccine. One airline, Qantas has also advised that passengers can only travel if they have.

Several countries, including Greece, are also discussing the idea of a COVID passport for entry to its shores.

For the short term, it is more likely we’ll see a mix of airlines and destinations advising you will need testing or have had the vaccine.

If European countries introduce a requirement to be vaccinated then airlines may be required to check passengers.

Most airlines however do require the wearing of facemasks in the airports and onboard and this could be in place even if the vaccination program is complete. However, some short-haul European carriers have indicated they are unlikely to introduce similar measures.

Ryanair, EasyJet and Aer Lingus will not introduce mandatory vaccinations for passengers, but at this stage, it’s too early to tell.

What is certain, is that it will be interesting times for the travel industry in 2021

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